Book Stores!

Do you still like to browse book stores? I love the smell of books, and the sound of pages turning. I use my e-reader for efficiency, but I like “real books” for their calming effect.



Stories About Homeschoolers!

homeschool literature

In keeping with The Swap’s goal of renewing our focus on CURRICULUM and BOOKS, here is a unique site! It’s filled with information on books about homeschoolers!

Ever noticed how most children’s stories use school as at least part of the setting? Here’s a great way to find books about kids who are homeschooled.

Homeschool is definitely worth checking out.



Died trying

Died trying

Surely there would have been some help for her in our forums, if she’d only asked!

Blogging Course Winner!

Congratulations to Amy, who won the blogging course in our latest giveaway! Thanks to everyone else who entered.

They do offer a free pre-course: Free Blogging Course

If you are interested in taking the full eight-week course, it’s actually very affordable at just $25.00:  Blog Writing Course

Congratulations, Tamie!

Congratulations to Tamie, whose name was drawn in our latest contest. Tamie will receive a copy of Story of the World, by Susan Wise Bauer. Thanks to everyone who entered!

Win a Free Blogging Course!

~by Kel

This is the online blogging course I took several years ago. I was discussing it with a Swappie who asked about learning to blog recently and, coincidentally, they are offering a contest to promote the new, fully automated course design. I  just might have to take it again!

The great thing about the lessons is that you have a blog started with several posts and maybe even a few followers by the time you finish. This is a terrific opportunity to take the course for FREE! Just leave a comment here that explains, in 75 words or less, why you want to take the course. (To learn how to blog from scratch? To update your current blogging skills? Just because you’ve always wondered how blogging works?)

Entries will be accepted through Tuesday, February 15. The entrant whose comment best convinces judges that the course will be utilized and completed will be the winner. Judging will be done by a group of three Homeschooler’s Curriculum Swap members (who are prohibited from entering). Anyone may enter; you do not need to be a member of The Swap. The winner will be notified and posted here on Wednesday, February 16.

Here is a description from the developers of the course:

Blogging 101 is a fully automated 8-week online course that covers everything you need to know to plan, start, write, and build an audience for a brand new blog. The eight units of Blogging 101 (which can be completed in less than eight weeks, if you choose) include:

  1. Introduction to Blogging (all the basics for the beginning blogger)
  2. Laying Your Cards On The Table (blog titles, platforms, and start-up instructions)
  3. It’s All About Me (blogging safety, “About Me” pages, and blog design)
  4. Build That Content and Make It Snazzy (writing quality posts, commenting, and adding media)
  5. It’s The Little Things That Count (sidebars, widgets, categories, and static pages)
  6. Mi Blog es Su Blog – – Building Community (growing a readership, blog promotion, and blogrolls)
  7. Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained (more blog promotion strategies and monetizing your blog)
  8. Looking Back and Looking Forward (tips and strategies for continuing to grow your blog after the course)

Want Some Blog Traffic? A Contest!

~by Kel

1. Share a link to your own blog in a comment on this post, along with a brief idea of the kinds of things you write about.

2. VISIT and COMMENT on someone else’s blog.

3. To enter, email me by clicking on the little pink envelope at the upper, left of this page and tell me the name of the blog you visited.

4. A random drawing of all entrants will be held on Saturday, January 29. The winner will be posted here on Sunday, January 30 and will receive a BRAND NEW copy of Story of the World, by Susan Wise Bauer. (If you already have one, you can sell your prize in The Swap’s classified ads!)