Want Some Blog Traffic? A Contest!

~by Kel

1. Share a link to your own blog in a comment on this post, along with a brief idea of the kinds of things you write about.

2. VISIT and COMMENT on someone else’s blog.

3. To enter, email me by clicking on the little pink envelope at the upper, left of this page and tell me the name of the blog you visited.

4. A random drawing of all entrants will be held on Saturday, January 29. The winner will be posted here on Sunday, January 30 and will receive a BRAND NEW copy of Story of the World, by Susan Wise Bauer. (If you already have one, you can sell your prize in The Swap’s classified ads!)


7 Responses

  1. I guess I’ll post mine first. I haven’t updated in awhile and there’s only 3 posts as of now (I try to only write when I have something to write about and lately things have been crazy busy).

    Anyways, here it is: http://livininahicktown.blogspot.com/

    I write about things that mean something to me. About life in general, people in my life, etc. Whatever I’m passionate about at that point in time. Hope it doesn’t bore you to tears. 😉

  2. I post on my blog about 2-4 times per month. My blog started as a testimony of God healing me from depression and an severe anxiety disorder. My blog has evolved into a site to promote healthy boundaries and encourage folks to deepen their relationship with the Father.

    I also post shorter encouragement a few times a week on my facebook page by the same name.

  3. I started my blog in August 2005 so there’s a fair bit on there now … even though I only post occasionally. I write about and put up pictures of things that catch my interest or fun stuff I’ve sewed or cooked or stuff that might be helpful to people or stuff I don’t want to forget or…

  4. My blog is more a blog because it’s site name .blog than what it contains. I use my friend’s, previous pastor, Bible Study notes that he sends out weekly.

    Sometimes I edit the notes for mistakes but not lately. Right now I just copy and paste from the email. I do this for him because he has not learned how.

  5. my blog is located here:

    it is mostly about quilting, but I also talk about whatever else might be happening. I’ve been blogging about once or twice a week since my laptop decided not to run the operating system…

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